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kanye west - huh

Can we make our house look like this baby?

After class today I stuck around to work on my #forarmstand without my hands clasped. After my shoulder incident with forearm stands I decided to take it easy (aka be nervous) about trying them with my forearms planted into the mat shoulder distance apart with the wrists being a direct extension of the elbows. I cannot stress how much a block helped me here! If you find that every time you try this forearm variation, your palms try to go together or your elbows splay out… Place a block on the mat in front of you and place your hands with the L shape of your thumb and pointer finger into the corners of the block. This will help you hold your arms in place. #yoga #inversion #yogaeverydamnday

No need for hidden meaning,
and no need for something deep,
I just need to have you here,
when the sun lies down to sleep.